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    Law and Disorderly Government pages

    • Rule of Law? Allegations of Unjustice

      • The Unjustice System ...Grand Jury nightmares, and the beacon of jury nullification power
      • The Derelict ..The book! The Law Director perpetrates Kangaroo court to hide harassment of natural landscaper by city zoning official
      • Stone Creek Saga ..The blog! Building a better world vs a dictocratic rogue-bureaucrat and police state cronies

    • The Price of Respect for Authority in a Corrupted Society

      • Columbo's Notes...Criminal Damager in the Environmental 'Health' Dept is aided and abetted by spineless prosecutor and chief of detectives
      • Veterinary Malpractice Roulette...Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board demonstrates the connection between Board malfeasance and medical malpractice. Then a little cat shall lead us to malpractice freedom
      • Law Profession Self-Governance?...Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council corrupts lawyers' Professional Responsibility Code. Epilogue to the book, The Derelict: A Victory?

    Economics, Work and Sustainable Success pages

    Videography projects and filmmaker
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    • Echos of Forgotten Times ...for Yugioh's past life in ancient Egypt... the spell is cast for an epic tale beginning with the prologue's intrigue in which one of the pharaoh's concubines embarks on a surreptitious high-stakes plan to secure her baby-to-be's position....
    • Prophecy, love song and elegy ...what every fantasy needs

    Books, audios and e-books
    • Token Woman ...Shadow an early implementer of Mathematical Decision Analysis, a young PhD, as she successfully negotiates the 70s corporate scene in Canada,
      measuring management's risks, illuminating their options and exploring the visions of their planners, only to discover another whole strategy was required for the survival of her team of young women.

      Written for talented young women considering their career choices in business and technology. Introducing Actuarial Science, Decision Analysis, Expert Systems, Mathematical Modeling and more.