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Resistance Strategy History

      Where Have All The Cowgirls Gone -- for the tale of naturescaping in the wanna-be city, complete with battles, picture-evidence, quisling allies, McCarthy-ite neighbors, criminal malfeasance to cover an abuse history by a city official, courtroom constitution violations...

      Path Through The Wormhole for analyses of the parity struggle, the terrorism reality, the science-corporate hubris, and the Israeli battles, etc

      Columbo's Notes to expose a Criminal in the Health Department

      Leaving Consumerism for evaluating options in sustainability

      Anti-corporate crime Activism for resisting FDA/USDA collusion to cause disease in pets to suit corporate profit

      Strategy to end blackwater for promoting the greywater wetlands and thermophillic composting project to the state regulators in spite of local opposition from the criminal in the health department and the Board of Health's malfeasance

      Building a Better World -- for the Saga of the StoneCreek Construction Adventure meets the dictocrat backed by the Popes in Black Robes, and seeks a path to keep evil from winning.