To graduates of life-led home education....
You are invited

to join us in developing the concept we have established here...
Welcome to The Centre for Independent Graduate Home Education

      Florida Real Estate Advertising Project, an attempted business rescue that
      brought in over 60 buying clients in 3 months, just before the agent gave up suddenly for health reasons

      Life-Led Media at presenting in-depth analysis of
      life's indy 'news worth printing'

      Literary Gamimg for fantasy writers to develop skills and to enjoy that growth.

      and many blogs, each per project.

      For that proverbial fizzle of a real estate project, this animated cartoon of his concept of Northern clientelle seeking ESCAPE and having Florida fever dreams... The Northern Exposure/Forida Escape Humor Project

      ..and his ghost-written blog and facebook persona, and real estate accounts in major online venues (Zillow, Trulia, etc), including MLS and agencies as he moved around the Florida 2008-collapse market recovery, plus major investor project spreadsheets customizable for each client's what-ifs, flyers and tour ad-documents.